Protecting our most precious resource. Water. 


People often take for granted the availability of clean drinking water at the turn of the tap and the vanishing of human waste when we flush our toilets.

Behind the scenes, a workforce works tirelessly to maintain and keep operational every aspect of the infrastructure that ensures water is available in every home and sewage is kept from polluting our waterways.

Yarra Valley Water is the largest of Melbourne’s three water corporations, based in Melbourne’s east. Their service area covers 4,000 square kilometres and their network consists of around 20,000 kilometres of water and sewer mains. They manage over $4 billion worth of infrastructure and assets and employ nearly 600 people.

Maintaining the vast infrastructure required highly skilled engineers to carry out regular safety checks and report on incidents as a matter of priority to allow their teams to respond effectively and maintain the highest level of service and availability of services to all Melbournians. 

The task

D3 were tasked with mapping out and reengineering all related procedures, processes and safety check journeys and identifying opportunities to remove friction, improve reporting, access to safety procedures and boost the speed of overall incident resolution time.

Through our insight driven methodology we discovered that existing tools and processes led to human error, double handling of data, and wasted time.

The fatigue assessments logging experience was cumbersome, as well as the reporting for incidents and hazards from the field. It was also a challenge to quickly communicate important safety alerts to their workforce, as messages could be missed by relevant staff.

These challenges created an opportunity for Yarra Valley Water to review and simplify existing safety processes. They knew they needed to enable rapid mobile development and distribution to their workforce – not only for safety scenarios, but for other business cases.

Prior to contacting D3, Yarra Valley Water had spent a year and a half scoping solutions but had yet to settle on a plan forward.

The solution

Following the completion of the discovery and process reengineering stage we recommended, developed and rolled out a mobile application that took into consideration the needs of every engineer no matter their role, location or the situation they are assigned to. 


The application delivered a highly relevant and contextual experience to each engineer by plugging into a personalisation module that was programmed with a business rules matrix allowing for highly targeted content and the instant delivery of relevant alerts and actions. 

  • Productivity increased across the board by an average of 200% 

  • Incident resolution time increased by 40% 

  • Eliminated data duplication 

  • Improved communication between engineers 

  • Reduced operational cost by 2 million AUD annually 

  • Minimised human error  

  • Reduced anxiety and stress for field engineers 

  • Helped protect our most precious resource  

The result

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