Recognising every hardworking employee at QBE


Hard work can often go unrecognised especially when you employ thousands of people across the globe, but not at QBE.


QBE’s culture and DNA puts their employees at the heart of their purpose, this means hard work and hardworking people cannot go unnoticed and their efforts must be celebrated.


Doing this manually at a global enterprise is not an easy feat and can sometimes mean celebration worthy people are missed in the process.


This was not an option for QBE.

The task

D3 was tasked with evaluating QBE’s existing technology stack and understanding their global recognition award platform to create a mobile first platform that removes all barriers for nominees and nominators.


The goal was, to ensure no hard work goes unnoticed by allowing staff to nominate colleagues from near and afar without having to replace QBE’s existing systems and tools.

The solution

D3 created a simple and intuitive app that integrated into QBE’s user authentication platform which allowed the app to easily identify the employee, their location, job function and other relevant information.


By removing the identification barrier, in a matter of seconds, people are able to freely make nominations which are then recorded into the nominations management system allowing the judging panel to manage the nomination process and choose worthy winners.


The solution was rolled out across 31 countries and is now capable of reaching all 12500 employees.

Close to double the number of nominations received within the first 6 weeks which ultimately led to more people being celebrated and recognised for their hard work and dedication to the cause.

The result

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